3 Ways to Make Money with Google (Without Selling Your Soul)

Many of us are guilty of being hooked on Google, whether it’s checking our email or just browsing through Pinterest when we should be working. But you can leverage your Google usage for more than just procrastination—there are also ways to earn money with Google without selling your soul (or any other body parts). Here are three ways to make money with Google that will cost you only time and energy.

1) Tips for New AdSense Publishers

If you’re brand new to AdSense, check out some advice for publishers just getting started. It’s packed with tips and tricks for how to get your feet wet as a new publisher. Plus, if you're interested in becoming an AdSense publisher but haven't yet applied, take a look at our helpful advice on setting up an AdSense account. There are several criteria that must be met before we can accept your application—these requirements are there to ensure that we only work with reputable sites and publishers. To make sure you meet these criteria, we recommend reading through our program policies page before applying. This will give you a good idea of what kind of site is eligible for AdSense—and what kind isn't!

2) 10 Mistakes That Will Get You Banned From AdSense

There are some actions that AdSense publishers can take that will ban them from ever getting paid by AdSense again. Not knowing what those actions are could result in your losing access to a major source of income. To make sure you keep your AdSense account, read through our list of 10 mistakes that will get you banned from AdSense. Making even one of these mistakes could mean goodbye money! But following our advice and avoiding these pitfalls will help you earn more money from AdSense in no time. How to Earn $1,000/Month on YouTube: If you’re reading blogs about how to make money online or making a living as an entrepreneur, then it’s likely that you’ve come across tips for earning money via YouTube. Maybe someone told you they earned thousands of dollars after posting their first video or said hey just do what I did and start a channel on YouTube.

3) AdSense Alternatives

There are many legitimate AdSense alternatives that don’t require you to display any ads on your site. If you hate ads and don’t want them cluttering up your pages, these ad networks may be a good option for you. Many of these companies will pay you per visitor or lead, rather than relying on impressions or clicks. Here are some other ways to make money from AdSense Create an e-book or video course: You can create an e-book about anything related to your niche and sell it through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Or, if you have expertise in video creation, check out sites like Udemy where you can sell video courses to people interested in learning more about a topic. Be sure to choose a topic that’s relevant to your website so it won’t come off as spammy!