First Step Can Be The Hardest

 Every person wants to improve their fitness and health. Why is it so difficult to take the first step?

What is stopping us?

Our brains are the most important. One problem is simple inertia, a fundamental law that governs physics. Overcoming inertia takes energy. Brains are known to store energy. Brains need to be able to move.

Our brains love stories. Sometimes stories can be useful, such as when they help us understand things or motivate us. Clients tell me that their fitness and health stories are often filled with scary questions about the unknown. Will I lose my friends if I am in better shape? Are I worthy to be successful? What if my partner isn't interested in improving my health? What can I do to eat healthier if my partner doesn't want me to? My family won't eat the same food I eat. How can I do that? How will I manage if I make a change to my appearance? These new admirers are what kind of people? Why didn't I get noticed before? The biggest question: What if they fail to notice me?

The brain keeps track of every failure, so don't be surprised if it happens. Your brain will search the database for past failures to find the part that protects you from dark roads and poison berries. If it finds any, it'll fight to get you to stop. Even if that means retaining those extra 40 pounds or a pre-diabetes diagnosis. The brain doesn’t care. The brain will keep reminding you of past failures (ever felt buyer's remorse? until you sit back down. Or never get up.

What can we do about our brain’s power field? The best thing for us is to remember that most fears are our own inventions. Fear = False Expectations Appearing Real. We tell ourselves stories that are filled with potential problems and failures. We keep telling ourselves new stories about every fearful situation.